Hydro-Force Fastblast 12'6" Tech Inflatable SUP

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The Fastblast Tech SUP has been custom designed with speed in mind, with the long, slender board with one fin facilitating higher speeds.

This is the perfect racing board for the more seasoned paddle boarder.

  • [6 INCH THICK] - Premium 6 inch thick paddle board to help maintain shape and for increased buoyancy on the water
  • [TRI-TECH & DROP STITCH MATERIAL] - Designed with Tri-Tech and drop stitch material which combine to provide unparalleled strength, stability and durability
  • [NON SLIP PAD] - 12 ft 6 inch inflatable board with non-slip traction pad provides a solid and stable foundation for comfort and steadiness
  • [DELUXE BACKPACK & CARRY HANDLES] - Deluxe backpack included to transport your SUP and multiple handles on the SUP carry in and out of the water
  • [FAST BOARD] - Long and slender board, suitable for fast riding and medium-long tours on the water
  • [QUICK INFLATION] - Board can inflate in 10-12 minutes using the hand pump provided and deflate in less.


  • 12'6" Fastblast Tech Paddle board
  • Hand pump
  • Deluxe Backpack
  • Surf Leash
  • Repair Kit
  • Please note: Paddle not included (sold separately)


  • Tri-Tech & Drop-Stitch Material
  • Non-Slip Traction Pad
  • 12 ft. 6 inch SUP Bard
  • Carry Bag & Hand Pump Provided
  • Elastic Cord for Storage
  • Surf Leash Included
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg

Tri-Tech & Drop Stitch Material

Designed with 2 Layers of Tri-Tech (a 3 ply reinforced material) sandwiching drop stitch material, which is strong enough for use in airplane wings, the SUP has an unparalleled strength despite its lightweight construction.

6 Inch Thick

SUP is 50% thicker than the standard paddle board to ensure optimum buoyancy and balance on your SUP.

Designed for Speed

The SUP features an attachable seat and foot rest to turn your board into a kayak for added flexibility and comfort.

Deluxe Backpack

The paddle board comes equipped with a deluxe backpack to make the SUP highly transportable and convenient.

Easy to Inflate/ Deflate

Hydro-Force SUP's only take 10-12 minutes to inflate, meaning the board is highly transportable and perfect for your holidays or car journeys.