Girls Hearts Rash Vest Age 5-9 Surf Swim Beach Scuba

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The 'Yello' Short Sleeve UPF 50+ Rash Vest is made with a nylon and elastene construction which provides a lightweight, soft and comfortable under layer to wetsuits without hindering manoeuverability. 

The rash vest provides additional coverage to areas most prone to board and wetsuit rash, helping to minimise rubbing caused by neoprene on bare skin. 
Seams & Stitching: 
Durable flatlock seams help reduce friction on skin; helps avoid additional rub from wetsuit seams.
Warmth & Comfort: 
A soft and stretchy blend for increased comfort and glide against neoprene to reduce friction on skin. Provides an additional thermal layer under wetsuits, and provides UV protection to skin. Design helps to provide additional warmth, whilst helping to protect areas susceptible to wetsuit rash i.e. the inside of the arms and the neck. Ergonomic seam and panel design helps to provide a comfortable, contoured fit to reduce chafe.
Stretchable and flexible nylon with brushed spandex helps reduce hindrance to movement around areas such as the shoulder, armpit and elbow.