Double Kick 31" Skateboard Gluttony - OSX High Performance Range

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If you're searching for a complete skateboard package that looks great and rides like a dream, you've come to the right place. Thanks to its quality Canadian maple kicktail deck, airing gaps and nailing transfers on the Osprey OSX Gluttony is immediately possible. 
The upper deck is covered with grip tape to give greater control during a ride, whilst a concave mid-section allows tricks and flicks to be executed with ease. A vibrant green design decorates the underside of the board's deck. The centre is printed with Ospreys unique 'Gluttony' design (a monstrous face, complete with protruding tongue and eyes in the grip of ravenous hunger). 
Printed behind the back truck is an Osprey logo in green and black with stylish white trim. Employing ABEC-7 chrome bearings for a smoother and faster ride, the Gluttony's striking white wheels are attached to V-style aluminium trucks. Maximum manoeuvrability is supplied by high-quality bushings and truck cushions. The Osprey OSX Gluttony is an excellent starter skateboard that's all set-up and ready to kickflip, heelflip and pull off mammoth grinds.




  • Type: Double Kick
  • Great For: Flat Roads
  • Deck Size: 31"
  • Material: 2 Ply Canadian Maple and 5 Ply Maple Core
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Chrome
  • Wheels: 50 x 30mm HR 99A PU Wheels