Deluxe Coiled Bodyboard Leash 160cm

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  • Osprey Deluxe Coiled Bodyboard Leash with Padded Strap, 160cm
  • Double stainless swivel
  • Stops your bodyboard drifting away from you
  • Constructed using a high grade 7mm PU cord for added security and durability
  • Coiled construction allows for the security of being fasted to your board without the leash becoming a nuisance in the water
  • Approx. 160cm of length allows the board plenty of distance from the rider for added safety during wipe outs
  • Adjustable padded neoprene arm or wrist strap with Velcro fastening for added comfort and security
  • Quick release tab for rapid unfastening of the leash in case of emergency
  • Cuff pocket for safe storage of a key
  • Available in blue or red

There aren't many things that cause laid-back bodyboarders and surfers serious anxiety. Turning up at the beach to find poor surf conditions would be a rare example; however, losing a board is the one that can cause a panicked sweat. After all, a surfers board is like an extra limb; that and the fact it could go careering off into other people in the line-up, or that nasty looking rocky outcrop.

This Osprey Coiled Bodyboard Leash is designed to keep your bodyboard close at hand when out in the swell. With its coiled design, the boogie board leash is compactly designed to offer security without hindering performance in the water by causing unnecessary drag. The coiled leash design means all the length of your body board leash is compressed into a handy shorter length, to avoid getting in your way, but it can still extend to the full length you need it too if you should wipe out. The Bodyboard Leash has an incredibly strong 7mm PU high-strength flexi-core, allowing the board to be taken by the wave and minimising leash breakage. The leash also has a 160mm rail saver with deck loop and a super safe tri-lock 'leash to board' fastening system. For technophobes, this means that it's a very good leash indeed.

In the event of the leash catching on unseen objects underwater, a quick release 5mm padded cuff with strong-hold Velcro allows the surfer to break free from their leash quickly and safely. The leash also features a cuff safe-key pocket and stainless glide swivels.

Having a leash attached to your bodyboard or surfboard is highly recommended, as not only will a leash stop your board from drifting away, it may also help you if you get into difficulty in the water, as you will be attached to a flotation device!