C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger

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The C-Monsta wetsuit hanger has been designed by surfers to dry and keep your wetsuit, boots and gloves in one place.

What’s the worst part about your favourite outdoor watersport? Leaving the house and getting home? That’s where C-Monsta can help. Once you have used the C-Monsta wetsuit hanger you will wonder what you did before.

Packaged in a really nice presentation box making it that ideal gift for anyone spending any time in a wetsuit!

  • Keep wetsuit, boots and gloves together
  • Allow your wetsuit kit to dry effectively
  • No faff, grab your hanger and go
  • Never lose a boot or a glove
  • Easy to hang in a van or areas with limited space
  • Completely manufactured in the UK – made in Scotland
  • Recycled plastic construction
  • Extends the lifespan of your wetsuit
  • Recycled packaging
  • Robust and designed to last
  • Recyclable – circular economy principles
  • SUSTAINABLE DESIGN – The C-Monsta has tried to make sure that sustainability is integral to the design by using recycled plastic and packaging.

  • All of your wetsuit kit dried together. The c-monsta wetsuit hanger comes with an adjustable strap, non-scratch, over-sized hook so you can hang it in a wide variety of places. With c-monsta you can hang your wetsuit, boots and gloves almost anywhere; on the back of the campervan, in a room away from damaging UV sunlight, from a shower screen or bathroom rail.
  • The ultimate gift for anyone with a wetsuit. The best item you never knew you needed. Simple and effective. Your boots and gloves will finally dry and you´ll always know where they are.
  • Strong and durable. The strength of the c-monsta comes from its I-beam construction moulded from durable, high impact, recycled plastic. During testing the hanger was able to comfortably hold 15kgs. No more sending broken plastic coat hangers to landfill, c-monsta is designed to last a life.
  • Prolongs wetsuit kit lifespan. By hanging the wetsuit from the waist it prevents stress around the neck that you would get from other hangers. The c-monsta makes it easy to hang, rinse, dry and store your - wetsuit, boots and gloves. Through good maintenance your wetsuit will last longer saving you money and less neoprene will end up in landfill.
  • Made in Scotland and presented in recycled, sustainable packaging. We promise to take responsibility for the quality of our product. If you have any problems with your c-monsta, please reach out via the order page and we will sort it.