BGS 'Hammer Of The Gods' 7'6 Futures Surfboard

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Bob Gnarly Surf Signature Board Range

As a homage to Bob's favourite band - Led Zeppelin - this hand shaped range of boards is the ultimate tribute. To create this epic board range we teamed up withĀ MAT SurfboardsĀ out of South Africa. Mat is an epic shaper and he was the obvious choice to collaborate with on theĀ Bob Gnarly Surf Signature BoardĀ range.

Each board shape and style has been hand chosen to give the best possible options for riders of all skill levels. Each board comes with a 5 fin set up to give you full creative license to find the setup that suits your riding style, and to connect fully with the board.

Ride it as a thruster, quad, single fin, 2+1..

Hammer Of The Gods 7'6

The Hammer Of The Gods 7'6 is a weapon that is suited to a whole heap of conditions. And with the five fin setup, you've got the flexibility to ride as a Single Fin, Quad, Thruster, 2+1. Whatever your preference the Hammer will deliver.

Great feedback makes this a must have board. Catches waves and glides like it should.

  • Dimensions:Ā 7'6Ā x 22 1/4" x 2 3/4"
  • Volume:Ā 50Ā Litre
  • Ability:Ā Intermediate to expert
  • Ideal wave size:Ā 1 to 10 ft
  • Wave type:Ā All conditions
  • Stock glassing:Ā Deck 4x6oz / Bottom 6oz
  • Rocker:Ā MediumĀ 
  • Concave:Ā Deep single to slight double concave and vee plus 4 channelsĀ 
  • Carbon:Ā Carbon reinforced fins & tail
  • Fins:Ā 5 Fin Boxes for maximum fin configuration. Centre Fin: US Fin Box. Thruster Outer Fins: Futures, Quad Rears: Futures