Arima Soul Craft 9'0 PU Longboard Surfboard

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The Arima Soul Craft Longboard is a great option to have in your quiver; they work great in small and mushy waves, ensuring a fun time no matter what the waves are like.


9'0 x 22 7/8" x 2 7/8" (66.7 Litres)

Longboarding is all about soul and flow. A graceful step here, a bent knee there – it’s more of a dance than that of modern day short boarding. They truly come to life in smaller conditions when the surf is less than head high. The shear size and volume of these boards mean that they’ll get you going in just about any conditions. Thanks to its wider deck and rounded nose, the board will paddle fast, plane smoothly and pick-up waves way before they even break. It almost feels like cheating. In general, these boards will perform best on flat faced waves & are able to plane across large sections, easily maintaining their down the line speed. Also known as the “Malibu” surfboard, they are the go to board shape for summer surfing, when waves are usually marginal at best