8'2" Learn To Surf Beginner Board

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 Learn to surf with the 8ft 2” Beginner Foam Surfboard! From positioning your hands and feet correctly to learning how to slow down or speed up, our beginner surfboard has been designed to make learning how to surf easier than ever before.

Including guidance on where to place your hands and feet, you will feel more confident going out onto the waves for the first time. With hand positioning markers, you’ll be ‘popping up’ into a standing position in no time. Once you’re standing up, the colourful chevrons will help to guide your foot placement and bodyweight to speed up or slow down. Utilising an IXPE deck, the Osprey Beginner Foam Surfboard benefits from close cell technology for superior water protection, rigidity and a smoother riding surface. This coupled with a HDPE deck, and 3 stringers, make this foam surfboard extremely hard wearing.

Thanks to its rigidity, 3 fin system and square tail, you can begin to master the basics of surfboard control. Supplied with durable safety leash and coated in vivid green for improved visibility, the Osprey Beginner Foam Surfboard is perfect first board for a beginner surfer.

  • Type: Beginner Foam Surfboard with hand and foot placement guidance
  • Core: EPS Expanded Polystyrene
  • Volume: 75 Litres
  • Tail: Square tail for improved manoeuvrability and stability
  • Fin and Leash: 3 fin system and leash included