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7'6 Pulse Epoxy Mini Mal Surfboard by Australian Board Company

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The Pulse Surfboard has been designed by Circle One and partners at the Australian Board Company with UK and European surfing conditions in mind. The Pulse Surfboard epoxy board range comes in a handful of progressive shapes from shortboard to longboard and are perfect for beginner or intermediate surfers looking to improve their technique.

This Mini Mal surfboard is great fun for all abilities in most conditions. Increased volume allows for superior wave catching even in smaller waves, but it is also maneouverable and fun in bigger waves. These boards stand for quality and performance at an excellent price and of course in a range of beautiful colours.

All Circle One and Australian Board Company epoxy Surfboards, Skimboards and SUP boards are individually custom shaped, laminated and finished by humans to exacting standards. They are a premium product and constructed from the best materials available to the industry. Our boards are NOT built from a mould or 'pop-out' which means we produce a product superior in durability and strength to weight ratio.

  • EPS High Density Pressurised Foam Core
  • EPOXY Resin Laminate for Lightness and Strength
  • PREMIUM Layers of 'Porcher E-Glass' Fibreglass for Superior Strength
  • HOT COAT Durable Outer Shield Finish - MATT FINISH
  • UNIDIRECTIONAL Full Length Wood Stringer for Strength and Controlled Flex
  • EXCEPTIONAL Strength to Weight ratio
  • FCS FUSION Finbox & Fins - the Strongest Pre-glass System on the Market

Board Specifications

  • BOARD DIMENSIONS: 7' 6" x 21 1/2" x 2 5/8"
  • VOLUME (L): 51.14
  • SHAPER: Jeff Townsley c/o Australian Board Company
  • BOARD TYPE: Mini Mal
  • FIN SET-UP: Thruster (3-Fin)
  • TAIL SHAPE: Round Tail
  • BOTTOM CONTOUR: Double Concave through tail with V
  • RIDER WEIGHT: 50-100Kg
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginner, Beginner Progressive
  • WAVE HEIGHT: 2ft-6ft