6' Green Triband Foamie Surfboard

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A soft surfboard or "foamie” makes a perfect beginners surfboard because it has everything you need to succeed when learning to surf, including lots of volume and buoyancy for stability, and a soft foam outer to help prevent bruises and bangs as you learn to control your surfboard.

Foamie surfboards are perfect for learning to surf especially if you are planning on surfing often and progressing quickly. The shorter length and swallow tail makes it more manoeuvrable and easier to turn once you start learning to trim and catch green waves, while the high volume and lightweight foam core still makes this highly buoyant board easy and fun to catch waves, and balance while riding them.

  • SHORTER BOARD - designed to be more forgiving to beginners and those looking to improve their skills on the water
  • XPE SOFT FOAMIE BOARD - prevents serious injury and wipeouts - a great way to ride the waves with less worry
  • SUPERB BUOYANCY, STABILITY AND EFFORTLESS MOVEMENT- thanks to it's swallow tail and 3 fin system, ideal for improving your technique
  • EPS EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE CORE AND WOODEN STRINGERS- for integral strength, long lasting use and durability (45 litre volume)
  • RUBBER FINS AND LEASH INCLUDED - everything you need to get out on the waves right away