44" XPE Bodyboard Red Stripe

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  • Textured XPE deck with slick HDPE base - lightweight and durable hydrodynamic board
  • Crescent tail design - provides maximum hold on the wave face
  • Channels in the base increase surface area and provide even better control
  • Includes leash and leash plug - keeps your board close
  • Length - 44 Inch (113 cm) - ideal for larger adults who are beginner or intermediate boarders

The Osprey bodyboard is an ideal beginners bodyboard, with a bold and bright designs. The large bodyboard is suitable for taller or heavier bodyboarders and offers high value with a light weight, durable design and great hold in the waves. The bodyboard benefits from a high amount of volume and float, which is handy when you're a beginner, while the crescent tail is suitable for holding your line in the wave, giving you better control, which is especially useful when you're starting off. 

The strong HDPE base gives better hydrodynamics, integral strength and protection from collisions and the channels in the base give the bodyboard better hold as well. If you're after a strong, large bodyboard that packs a punch and offers high value for intermediates and beginners, then the Osprey is the board for you.