Stripe 38" Twin Tip Longboard

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  • Type: Twin Tip Longboard
  • Great For: Long Distance Skating
  • Deck Size: 38"
  • Materials: 7 ply Canadian maple
  • Bearings: ABEC 9 Chrome
  • Wheels: PU 71 x 51mm SHR 78A

The Osprey Stripe Twin Tip Longboard is a lightweight and versatile directional carver which gets you from A to B in style.

Its concave deck makes this a comfortable pavement pusher whilst the wide truck base gives wheels plenty of clearance to avoid any wheel bite. The board’s flexible deck softens the ride on rough concrete for a really smooth cruise to your final destination.

This board’s generous width means there is plenty of deck space to play around with weight distribution and pull off some tricks- a great all round board catering for everything from freestyling to cruising.