Mavrix Sports Disc Rubber Frisbee

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  • Mavrix Flying Sports Disk is a good addition to your child's outdoor toy selection
  • Smooth and stable flight - makes this disk a good choice for people wanting to up their skill level
  • Easy to throw and catch with grippy surface
  • Long distance throw - ideal for kids who really want to push their throwing and catching abilities
  • Good quality garden toy - builds throwing ability and makes ideal target practice

Go long with the Mavrix Flying Sports Disk! A must have for any trip to the beach or park, this soft-catch rubber Frisbee can be enjoyed by the whole family. Designed to offer a smooth and stable flight, the aerodynamics make throwing and catching easy, even for beginners!

Including a grippy, rubber surface you can even test your throwing and catching skills over long distances with family and friends. Not only does its rubber exterior make it easier to catch and throw, it also helps reduce any damage should you make an inaccurate throw! Available in a slick green and black design, see who has the longest throw and the best catch with the Mavrix Flying Sports Disk!