OSX Bodyboard Swim Fins

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With their snug-soft foot pockets and maximum control blades, these Osprey 'OSX Series' Bodyboard Fins have been designed with comfort, durability and manoeuvrability in mind. Perfect for either bodyboarders or for use as swim fins.

Osprey bodyboard fins have been made using fantastic board fin technology. So that the fins don't weigh down the user, a fast drain channel system has been incorporated to swiftly eliminate sand and water whilst allowing for uncompromising efficiency and power. 

The Osprey OSX open-heeled diving fins are designed with stiffer blades, allowing more power to each kick and helping you in your quest to get every wave you go for! The natural rubber materials used to make the flippers aid stability and ensure a smooth transition through the water.
OSX Series open-heeled fins technical information:
  • Soft and comfortable foot pocket
  • Steam lined design of fins body gives additional efficiency
  • Light weight for prolonged use
  • Available in bold red, blue or yellow
  • Fast drain foot channel system
  • Efficient Stiff Blade ribs