5'8" Foamie Fish Wood Effect

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 A soft surfboard or "foamie” makes a perfect beginners surfboard because it has everything you need to succeed when learning to surf, including lots of volume and buoyancy for stability, and a soft foam outer to help prevent bangs and bumps as you learn to control your surfboard.

The Little Wood 5’8” Foamie surfboard comes in a fish shape with a swallow tail which makes it easier to manoeuvre, making this board perfect for beginner surfers who will be surfing frequently and progressing quickly. The shorter length also makes it perfect for smaller, lighter or shorter beginner surfers such as young children and teenagers , as well as learners who will be progressing quickly.

At 5’8”, this foamie surfboard is much shorter than most beginner boards, it’s about the same length as an ordinary shortboard, but it has much more volume to make it easier to ride, helping with both catching waves and balancing when up. Both the shorter length and fish surfboard shape makes the Little Wood Fish Foamie the perfect surfboard for quick progression as it will be easier to turn and direct when you start learning to trim along waves and do turns, but may take more practice to master than a longer foamie surfboard.

Made for children weighing up to 45kg learning to surf. Soft edges & swallow tail for excellent control & bite on smaller waves.


  • Ability: Beginner
  • Rider: Up to 45kg / 7 stone
  • Conditions: Knee to chest height waves
  • Construction: XPE soft foamie deck with EPS foam core
  • Volume: 38 Litres
  • Fins and Leash: Included Yes, 3 Fin system and leash included