Xcel 1mm Infiniti Hooded Vest

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The Xcel Thermolite 2mm Hooded Vest (2mm Hood, 1mm Vest) is designed to be worn under your wetsuit in the cold winter months so that you benefit from the amazing radiant rebound thermal lining which is amazing at retaining body heat for longer.

The built in hood is also great for maintaining head heat and seals you in your wetsuit preventing flush throughs of cold water.


  • Thickness:¬†1mm in the thermal rash vest, 2mm in the hood
  • Thermal Rash Vest Lining:¬†Thermo Lite (that's the soft red stuff, a lighter version of the brand's TDC)
  • Hood Lining:¬†Radiant Rebound, brand new to the range.
  • Hood Design:¬†Low-profile bill, chin guard, and adjustable smoothskin seal round the face, with a cinch for tightening. It also features a textured outer-skin for better wind resistance, and there's a neck dam to ensure a tight and comfortable seal where hood meets wetsuit


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